What Is A Gummy Smile?

Have you always wanted just your beautiful teeth to be seen when smiling and not your gums? You have always smiled less or consciously because your gums are quite prominent when you smile. Individuals suffering from this problem are known to have a gummy smile.

A person is considered to have a gummy smile when their gums are displayed excessively on smiling. Usually, a smile comprises two-thirds or three-fourths of teeth while lips cover the remaining.However, when more than 2 to 3 mm of gums can be seen as a continuous band when smiling, it is considered a gummy smile. Anyone may have a gummy smile, but it is more common in women compared to men. There are chances of it being hereditary and can continue to the next generations.

Treatment Options

The cause of the gummy smile may be different for every individual. Our caring dentists will assess your condition in the smile consultation session and offer custom treatment plans to help you achieve your smile goals. There are different causes for a gummy smile, including:


Strong muscles of the upper lip cause it to lift excessively on smiling


Short upper lip


Small or short teeth size


Crooked teeth


Excess gums

To fix a gummy smile, our amazing dentists offer various treatments to fix the revealing gums when smiling. It changes your aesthetics and improves your smile. Some of the treatments that can help fix a gummy smile include:

1. Gum Recontouring

In this treatment, the excessively revealed gums are removed in small sections. It reveals more of your teeth, giving you an aesthetically beautiful smile.

2. Gum Lift With Porcelain Veneers

At times, the teeth’s shape or size may be out of proportion, causing the gums to be revealed when smiling. If the gum tissue is appropriately positioned and healthy, then veneers can make the teeth look proportionate by correcting their shape and size. This treatment will increase the teeth’s size, and the gum will not be revealed in excess when smiling.

3. Gum Lift With Invisalign or Braces

Depending on the individual’s condition, braces or Invisalign may position the teeth correctly and bring them proportionately to the gums.

Laser Gum Recontouring

Traditionally, dentists use a scalpel and a blade to shape the gums. Although the result may be the same, the patients undergo some pain and discomfort. When done in the traditional method, the healing time post-gum recontouring is about seven days. At Ormond Dental, we use an advanced method to recontour your gums. Our dentists use a laser that helps to lift the gums gently. There is no bleeding or scarring, and the process gets completed instantly. Some patients may experience mild discomfort, but that is normal. Our caring dentists will ensure that they provide you with optimum care throughout the procedure.

1. Beautiful Smile, Improved Aesthetics

Recontouring the gums can help smoothen the uneven gums and reshape the smil to display a more proportionate gum line when smiling.

2. Size of the Teeth Can be Corrected

For most patients' small teeth are the reason behind their gummy smile. Recontouring their gums can help their teeth look more extensive and aesthetically more beautiful than before.

3. Long-Term Solution

Gum recontouring is a permanent solution to your gummy smile. You never have to worry about excessive gums being revealed whenever you smile.

4. Heals Quickly

Laser gum recontouring is a rapid treatment and shows results immediately. Our excellent dentists are skilled at their work, and you will have no scars left after they finish treating you.

Why Get Treatment for Gummy Smiles At Ormond Dental?

The cause of the gummy smile may be different for every individual. Our caring dentists will assess your condition in the smile consultation session and offer custom treatment plans to help achieve your smile goals. There are different causes for a gummy smile, including:

Result-Oriented Work

Result-Oriented Work

At Ormond Dental, we believe in providing professional services that help our customers smile positively. Our team of amazing cosmetic dentists focuses on providing treatments that give apparent and desired results.

Experience and Care

Experience and Care

Ormond Dental has been serving customers for years. We also have an experienced team of caring dentists who are skilled in performing treatment for gummy smiles. Our team will assist you in finishing your oral treatment successfully at our clinic, providing help and care whenever required.

One-Stop Dental Care

One-Stop Dental Care

Expect hassle- free and quick treatment at the hands of our caring and amazing dentist at Ormond Dental. We can handle all aspects of oral care using modern dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment for long-term results. We offer you a comfortable environment to treat your oral issues. Every dentist in our clinic is devoted to helping patients achieve a refined smile at all their life stages.

Easy Payment Plans

Easy Payment Plans

Ormond Dental understands that oral health is vital for everyone. Therefore, to make our services more accessible to all, we offer different treatment plans that fit your budget. Our plans will enable you and your family to get treated now while you pay us later.

State-of-the-art Technology

State-of-the-art Technology

The industry of oral health requires dealing with anxious customers. The team of caring dentists working at Ormond Dental get trained to work with anxious patients. They help them calm down and make them comfortable before they proceed with their treatment.

What is the Cost of Treating My Gummy Smile at Ormond Dental?

A Gummy smile correction surgery starts from $1500 and $1700. However, if there are additional treatments that have to be accompanied with the surgery then the cost may be different. You can clarify all your doubts about the cost and treatments during your consultation session with our dentist.

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