Tooth Coloured and Porcelain Fillings

Amalgam or mercury fillings have been used by dentists for more than 150 years. Its durability, low cost, and ease of application made it a popular choice for dental fillings. However, since aesthetics has become a priority, people have been opting for tooth-coloured fillings instead of amalgam.
Dentistry is now highly advanced, and you have more options to restore your oral hygiene conditions. Indirect porcelain fillings and direct composite fillings are some alternatives available for amalgam.
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At Ormond Dental, we offer you the freedom to select the type of filling you would like to be used for your dental filling. Our amazing dentists will explain the advantages and disadvantages of every material in their consultation session.

Dental Porcelain (Indirect Fillings)

Dental porcelain also known as indirect fillings, resemble tooth-coloured fillings or composite and are customized in a dental laboratory. Bearing similarities to the tooth enamel, dental porcelain is translucent. It reflects absorbed light giving an illusion of sparkling white teeth. Depending upon the oral condition, porcelain inlays/outlays are better than traditional fillings.

Advantages of Dental Porcelain




Aesthetics – We ensure that the fillings are created to match the shade of your natural tooth colour to give you a natural look and feel.


Durable and safe


Provides strength when bonded to the weak or damaged tooth


Hassle-free and easy to maintain

Cost for Tooth Coloured and Porcelain Fillings in Ormond Dental

The cost of Tooth Coloured and Porcelain

Fillings starts from $600 to $1,600 per tooth depending upon the condition of the teeth and requirements. Hence the cost often differs from case to case. We care for your smile at Ormond Dental along with your pocket. Our no interest payment plans are very popular with our patients. Check with our team when you talk to us.

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