Bad Breath Treatment Ormond

Bad Breath Treatment Ormond

Halitosis or bad breath is embarrassing and, for some, may also cause anxiety. This is one of the reasons why mouthwashes, mints, gums, and similar products are available in plenty. However, all these products are just going to address the problem temporarily. These products don’t treat the problem at its core and are just temporary measures.

Health conditions, oral habits, and certain foods and beverages are the main causes of bad breath. For some, bad breath can go away by following proper dental care, but for some, there are other dental treatments that will be required to treat the condition.

Major Causes of Bad Breath

Around 80% of individuals suffer from bad breath because of oral causes. However, there can be other causes, such as severe medical conditions, including infections, liver disease, or diabetes. Here are some major causes of bad breath:




Gastric Reflux


Severe accumulation of plaque and tartar over the teeth and gum lining because of poor oral hygiene


Gum disease or periodontitis


Dirty dentures (not cleaned properly)


Cracked crowns and fillings


Using tobacco products


Consuming certain foods in excess, such as garlic, onion, and spice


Condition of Xerostomia or Dry Mouth where the decreased production of saliva doesn’t remove the particles present in the mouth, causing bad breath


Infection in mouth caused after oral surgery such as tooth removal.


Diseases such as cancer, metabolic disorders, etc.

If you always suffer from bad breath, then you must call us for an appointment with our expert dentist. At Ormond Dental, we have a team of excellent dentists who will diagnose you for your oral problems and then provide you with a custom treatment plan. You don’t have to be embarrassed or ashamed of your condition, for we will help you get rid of it permanently.

Bad Breath Treatment Options

Practising good oral hygiene can help prevent cavities and gum diseases which are the main causes of bad breath. If the reason for bad breath is an underlying condition such as diabetes, gastric reflux, etc., then our dentist will refer you to your primary health practitioner. For all other issues of bad breath that are related to oral health, our dentist will provide the relevant dental care. These dental measures may include:

Mouth Rinses and Medicated Toothpaste

If the cause of bad breath is plaque and tartar build-up, then our dentist will perform a professional mouth rinse and clean-up. Our dentist may also prescribe a medicated toothpaste that contains antibacterial agents. Such toothpaste is quite helpful in killing plaque-causing bacteria.

Treatment of Dental Issues

If you are suffering from other oral issues such as periodontitis, then our dentist will treat you for gum disease. This disease causes the gums to move away from the teeth leaving open pockets that allow bacteria to accumulate in them. It is these bacteria that cause odour and bad breath. If required, tooth restoration may be performed. Other treatments may include replacement or new placement of filling or crown etc.

Easy to Follow Remedies For Bad Breath Suggested by Our Ormond Dentists

To prevent or reduce bad breath, our expert dentists at Ormond Dental suggest the following:

Always brush your teeth after having your meals. You must use a toothpaste with fluoride and one that offers antibacterial properties.

Flossing the teeth helps in removing food particles that get caught between your teeth. You must floss at least once a day.

Bacteria also sits on our tongue. You must always use a tongue scraper or your regular brush to scrape your tongue and remove the white coat collected over it.

Consuming a lot of sugary foods and beverages can cause bacteria to collect in your mouth and between the teeth. The bacteria tend to feed on this sugar and cause bad breath. Certain foods like onion and garlic also cause bad breath. Make healthy choices in food!

Consume a lot of water. This helps in keeping your mouth clean from any particles that may be present in the mouth on which bacteria may feed and cause bad breath.

Regular dental visits help in the early detection of any oral issues that may be coming your way. Getting them treated on time will help in the prevention of bad breath and other dental complications.

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