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Need an affordable emergency dentist in Ormond now? Your search for an Emergency Dentist in Ormond ends here. We are here to get you out of pain. We understand toothache or sudden dental pain can strike when you least expect it, making you feel sad and helpless. Most dental emergencies happen suddenly. However, you can always count on our emergency dentists at Ormond Dental. If you’re looking for a caring and reasonably priced emergency dentist in Ormond, you are at the right place. Just talk to one of our caring dental team members.

How Can We Help You in a Dental Emergency in Ormond?

At Ormond Dental we understand that life can throw unplanned scenarios. Accidents can also sometimes lead to dental emergencies such as broken tooth, injured gums, or any other dental problems. No matter the scenario or situation, the emergency dental care team will help you
save your teeth, gums, and tongue from significant injuries.

For emergency cases, our caring dentists use X-rays as part of the examination process to identify the exact problem before starting any treatment. The dentists at our practice are very gentle and will ensure you do not suffer any pain or discomfort throughout the course of your


We all are aware that dental emergencies can get extremely stressful because it includes pain and discomfort. But with our team of caring dentists, you won’t come across any such issues. The treatment will be done, and you would not have to sufferfrom any pain.

Outstanding Customer Service

All the patients can ensure that they will be getting outstanding customer service because our dentists use technically advanced equipment for simple and complex dental treatment.

Payment Plans

The payment plans’ flexibility shows that the patient can get instant treatment access without worrying about the payment. You can choose the payment plan suitable to your budget and pay no-interest instalments.

Same-day Emergency dental Services in Ormond

Our team of highly qualified dentists is available to provide treatment for emergency cases and work flexibly to provide the top services to the patients.

What Are Common Dental Emergencies Ormond Families Experience?

At Ormond Dental, our excellent team of dentists treats multiple dental conditions to provide relief to patients and remove all sorts of dental discomfort. All the dentists have the highest qualifications and extensive experience in treating the patients’ dental conditions, which can also help them maintain perfect oral hygiene. The dentists are highly committed to providing the highest quality of dental services/dental care, offering personalised treatment and increasing patient comfort.


If your tooth suddenly causes pain, then you can consult our dental emergency dentists as soon as possible. The experts and caring dentists will diagnose the dental problem and provide you with instant treatment.

Impacted Teeth/Wisdom
Teeth Removal:

The impacted wisdom teeth do not get  enough space to grow through the gums and remain trapped inside the gums for a long time and cause pain and discomfort. The dentists at Ormond Dental have the expertise to extract wisdom teeth and make you feel better.

Emergency Root Canal Treatment

When you are ignorant about your oral health, your teeth' infection can reach the gums and lead to tooth decay. For this, you need an emergency dental root canal. If you are not getting timely treatment, the infection will spread to the other adjacent teeth.

Emergency Cosmetic

At Ormond Dental, you can receive a complete range of dental services. Emergency cosmetic dentistry covers the broken crown, damaged veneers, chipped fillings etc. Our cosmetic dentists are here to help you with your emergency cosmetic dental problems.

Knocked-Out Teeth

Sometimes, if you suffer a mild or severe accident, it will have a significant implication on oral health. Some portions of the teeth might get chipped or get completely broken. Such emergency cases are handled patiently by our caring dentists.

Swelling In The Gums

The swelling happens when the gums are severely infected. If the treatment is not provided immediately, it may cause problems to the adjacent teeth. Common reasons for having swelling in the gums can vary depending on the oral condition of the patient. Consulting a dentist urgently would be highly recommended.

Tooth Sensitivity or Tooth Pain

Sensitivity in teeth is also called hypersensitivity when the patient feels extreme pain and discomfort in the teeth. If the pain is severe, the sensitivity will reach the neck and head region. Our dentists at Ormond completely handle tooth sensitivity and provide you instant relief by following the proper treatment procedure.

Providing Treatment For Cracked, Chipped or Broken Teeth

Our caring dentists will initially clean your mouth by rinsing and using an ice pack to reduce the pain to treat chipped and broken teeth. Besides the ice pack, you can also use a cold compress to reduce the swelling. Whenever you find yourself in such a situation, you can directly consult Ormond dentists and get the treatment.

Are We The Top Dentist For Emergency Dental Work In Ormond?

Definitely! Ormond Dental is one of the top dental clinics with a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists who will work out all the emergencies and a wide range of dental problems even at short notice. The patients can be rest assured that they get instant treatment, and their comfort would be the prime concern for the doctors.

When you are at the Ormond Dental, you will meet friendly dentists and understand your dental problems. You do not have to worry about any pain or discomfort because we have sedation dentistry options available for anxious patients. Sleep dentistry helps in minimizing the pain or discomfort during emergency dental treatment. If you are looking for caring and affectionate dentists, please reach out to the dentists of Ormond.

How Much Can an Emergency Dental Treatment Cost Me in Ormond?

The cost of every dental treatment is different, and since every patient has different oral conditions, the cost of treatment will be different for each one. General dental treatments on average may start from $150 to $450.

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