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Good oral habits, when introduced at a young age in children, contribute to a healthy life and good oral health in the future. With junk food taking the front seat in our lives, we must teach our little ones to take care of their teeth and mouth. At Ormond Dental, we welcome patients of all ages, including children. Our dentists are incredibly gentle and compassionate when it comes to treating children. You can rely on us to provide them with good oral care in a hygienic and safe atmosphere.

Importance of Child Dentistry

Oral diseases are painful. They can cause other health issues too. Children tend to stick to the good oral habits that were taught to them, even when they grow up. You must begin gentle oral hygiene when your child is a baby, as soon as they get their first tooth. By the time they are toddlers, they will follow them habitually. You must help and supervise them till they are 7 or 8 eight years to ensure the oral care regime is followed.

Oral Care Must Begin With Their Milk Teeth

A common misconception about milk teeth is that they don’t require care or maintenance because they are going to fall off eventually. However, milk teeth play an essential role in the oral health of children. Ignoring oral care for milk teeth can cause various oral issues. 

Here Is Why Milk Teeth Are Significant For Children

1. Creates Space for Permanent Teeth

Milk teeth set the foundation for the permanent tooth to come out in the right direction and in due course, develop a proper jaw. The permanent teeth sit beneath them, waiting for the correct time to erupt. If poor oral health causes the milk teeth to fall early, the child may have the problem of crowded teeth. Some children may also have to face delayed formation of permanent teeth.

2. Speech Development

Teeth help in the formation of words by controlling the airflow of the mouth. Without milk teeth, it wouldn’t be possible for them to speak any words.

3. Chewing

Digestion begins at the mouth! For food to be digested properly, it should be chewed before swallowing and sent to the stomach for digestion. Adequately chewed food allows the absorption of nutrition in a better way. A healthy set of milk teeth will help the child eat and digest their food. Good digestion of food promotes overall good health.

When Should I Bring My Child for their First Dental Check-up?

Our dentists at Ormond Dental recommend that you bring your child for a regular check-up when they are getting their milk teeth. Our dentists are gentle, caring, and trained to take care of the little ones during their visit. They also share essential tips with parents to guide them to take good care of their child’s oral health.

Timely dental check-ups help prevent serious oral issues such as tooth decay, plaque, cavities, etc. Treating these issues at an early age or that, as recommended by our excellent dentists, will help your child have a healthy set of teeth and an improved smile

How Often Should the Children Come for Dental Check-Ups?

Our dentists at Ormond Dental recommend dental visits once every six months. Regular check-ups keep oral issues at bay. Dentists at our clinic are experts and immediately detect symptoms of oral issues that may later become more problematic for the child. 

Till they reach the age of six, regular dental visits are recommended, with treatments only if required. Our dentists recommend an X-ray at this stage to check their complete jaw structure. We maintain low radiation levels that are safe and recommended for child dentistry. An X-ray gives a much clearer picture of their mouth that helps our dentists effectively diagnose problems if any.

How To Make Your Child’s First Dental Visit a Happy One!

A child’s first dental visit usually determines their experience and sets the pathway for their future visits. At Ormond Dental, we ensure every child has a comfortable and friendly experience with our staff and dentists. Here are some tips to follow that will help your child remember their dental visit to be an enjoyable one.

Inform your child about the dental appointment. Children who are unaware of where they are being taken end up being scared or in shock.

Don’t hush the children into dragging them for dental appointments. Try to arrange their visit on a weekday or on a day when you can take an of

Special Treatment for Children Experiencing Dental Anxiety

If your child resists coming for dental check-ups or throws a fit on hearing about an appointment with the dentist, they are likely experiencing dental anxiety. At Ormond Dental, we offer exceptional dentistry for chi

We use different ways to help your child feel comfortable. We use various relaxation techniques through happy pictures, music, a little playing area, etc. Our caring dentists like to examine or treat children only once they are comfortable and relaxed in their company.

What is the Cost of Child Dentistry at Ormond Dental?

Timely dental check-ups help in the prevention of serious oral diseases which may otherwise be expensive to treat. General dentistry usually starts from $50 onwards to $7.5K. However, there are different factors that may determine the cost of child dentistry. If there are certain oral treatments that your child may require, our dentist will give you an estimate about the cost of the treatment recommended. We will explain everything about the treatment and cost in the consultation session.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule at Ormond Dental

You can avail of CDBS or Child Dental Benefits Schedule at our clinic. All children between ages 2 and 17 are eligible to avail the CDBS. It is a program under the Australian Government that lets your child receive general dental services worth $1000 over two consecutive calendar years.

Once you receive a confirmation letter from Medicare, you can avail the dental benefits under CDBS. If you think you wish to learn more about the details of CBDS, you can always give us a call and we would be happy to explain.

The services offered under the CDBS scheme include


Dental Check-ups


Dental Cleaning


Root Canal Treatments




Tooth Extractions


Tooth Fillings


Fissure Sealing

Why Treat Your Child at Ormond Dental?

Result-Oriented Work

At Ormond Dental, we believe in delivering professional services at the hands of caring and excellent dentists who focus on providing friendly treatments to the children who come to our clinic.

Experience and Care

Ormond Dental has been serving customers for years. We also have an experienced team of caring dentists who are trained to work with children. Our team will assist your child in having good oral health always.

Quick Results and High Success Rates

Our team has always believed in maintaining transparency with our customers. Our amazing dentists always select the right treatment for you that gives quick and effective results. We have worked with thousands of children who are already smiling confidently after undergoing treatment at our clinic.

Easy Payment Plans

Ormond Dental understands that oral health is vital for everyone. Therefore, to make our services more accessible to all, we offer different treatment plans that fit your budget. Our plans will enable you and your child to be treated now while you pay us later.

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