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When the nerve of a tooth or that surrounding the tooth is irritated, it causes toothache. There may be different causes for pain in the tooth, including injury, infection in the tooth, and loss of a tooth. At times, the origin of the pain is usually from a different area that radiates to the jaw, appearing to be a toothache. 

At Ormond Dental, our amazing dentist will analyse your condition and locate the exact cause of your toothache before advising you on the right treatment.

What are the Causes of Toothache?

When the central portion of a tooth known as the pulp is inflamed, it causes extreme pain. Sensitive nerve endings of the tooth are located within the pulp, and when the pulp is inflamed, you experience pain. There may be different causes for toothache. When left untreated, it may cause additional oral health issues. Here are some common causes of toothache:

Gum Disease

Gums are connected to our teeth, and when they are infected or inflamed, the teeth also hurt. Gum disease should be treated immediately else, it can cause loss of teeth.

Tooth Decay

When the roots of the teeth are harmed because of bacterial infection, the teeth also begin to decay. Teeth begin to erode, and it causes severe pain

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

When the wisdom teeth do not grow properly, they tend to impact the teeth surrounding them and cause pain. At times they also trap food, causing bacteria build-up, which leads to oral health issues.

Chipping or Fracture

Chipping or fractured teeth because of an injury or impact can cause a nerve to be exposed, which may lead to an abscess. An abscess causes severe discomfort and pain

What Are Some of the Symptoms of Toothache?

As the inflammation in the affected area increases, the pain tends to get severe. It may radiate to the ear, cheek, or jaws. Some signs and symptoms that you must look out for include:


Sensitivity to cold or hot things


Swelling of jaw or swelling around the tooth


Pain on chewing or biting


Discharge or bleeding around the gums or tooth

Oral issues should be immediately checked for and treated. Delaying in the treatment will only cause more pain and discomfort and complicate your condition further. Our team of caring dentists will ensure that you are given the top treatment for the toothache you might be experiencing. With sedation/sleep dentistry, we help our patients to relax and reduce their pain as our dentists treat them.

How to Manage Toothache?

Toothache can be intolerable and may require some initial first aid till you can reach our clinic for treatment. There are some first aid measures that are suggested by our dentists. They can help you relieve some pain and, to an extent, prevent further oral damage. 

As soon as you experience pain, you must get in touch with us so we can schedule an appointment with our dentist. Temporarily, to suppress the pain, you can take 2 x Nurofen or ibuprofen over the counter. They should not be in a combination of other medicine. You must take them plain. You must give at least 3 hours for the medicine to act. If the pain persists even after 3 hours of taking the medication and you are yet to see the dentist, then you can take 2 x Panadol or paracetamol.

What is the Cost of Treating Toothache in Ormond Dental?

A toothache may be caused for different reasons, and every oral issue is treated differently. Depending on the cause of your toothache and the treatment(s) determined, the cost may vary for every patient.

The cost of treating toothache at our clinic may start from $100 to $450 and go up to thousands of dollars. However, you don’t have to worry about the price because we offer easy-to-pay plans where you can distribute the cost of your bill in instalments and pay them comfortably. You can give us a call to learn more about the details.

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