Dental Implants Ormond-Using Advanced Technology at the Hands of Caring and Experienced Dentists

Dental implants are prosthetic replacements for missing teeth. These fixtures are surgically placed in the jawbone, which tends to fuse with the jawbone over time. There are different reasons why one may need dental implants – old age, loss of teeth because of an accident and dental degradation are the most common reasons. At Ormond Dental, we use advanced technology to fix dental implants on our patients. Besides treating your condition, these dental implants will give you natural-looking teeth and aesthetically enhance your smile. Once the implants are fixed in your gums, they provide strength, durability, and functionality to your oral health. They can last for a long-time with proper care.

At Ormond Dental, we offer 2 types of dental implants depending on your condition

1. Single Dental Implants

Patients who have lost just a single tooth require a single dental implant to fix their oral issues. There are two parts used in dental implants. The first is a titanium implant post placed in the gum to replicate the teeth root. It provides support and strength to the gum. The second part is a crown or denture that is custom- created to place over the implant post with an abutment. The crown looks and works like the natural teeth that were missing in the patient.

2. Multiple Dental Implants

The process of fixing multiple dental implants is similar to that of a single dental implant. The process is used when there is more than one tooth missing, but not most of them. For instance, someone who has two teeth missing between their natural and healthy teeth is treated with multiple dental implants. It would help if you
also had good bone density (jaws), healthy gums, andoverall good oral hygiene to undergo multiple dental implants.

3 Benefits of Dental Implants Ormond

1. Stability

Dental implants are fixed to the jaw bone, making them exceptionally strong and stable. You can easily consume all types of food without worrying about them breaking or chip.

2. Long-Term Investment

Dental implants are durable and can easily last you a lifetime with good oral care. It is a one-time investment that will last you for life. 

3. Improved Aesthetics

Dental implants are custom-made before fixing. At Ormond Dental, our dentist will sit with you in the consultation session to match the prosthetics’ colour with your natural teeth. Once they get fixed, nobody can tell your natural teeth and dental implants apart. You can smile and communicate without being self-conscious.

What is the Top Solution For Your Condition To Get An Improved Smile With Dental Implants Ormond

At Ormond Dental, we consider every patient is different because they have a different oral condition. Our amazing dentists offer custom solutions to each one. Here is a comparison of various dental implants and dentures that will help you understand the type of solution that suits your condition.

Suitable Candidates




Implants (per jaw)

Treatment Time


Patients with noteeth who want a short-term and budget-friendly solution


Mostly uncomfortable and may affect functionality and speech

Must remove when sleeping and should remove to clean it.

0 implants

Between 2 and 4 weeks

Over denture

Patients who
require a sturdy
lower denture


Better than dentures because they are stable

Must remove when sleeping and should remove to clean it.

Between 2 and 4 implants

Between 2 and 4 months

Traditional Implant Bridge

Patients with almost no teeth or no teeth at all are looking for a long-term permanent solution.


Very comfortable. It doesn't impact speech or functionality.

Easy to clean and can brush like you usually do. Water flossing is better instead of regular floss

Between 6 and 10 implants

At least three months

Dental Implants

Patients with a single tooth missing and want a quick and permanent solution that will last them for life.


Very comfortable. It doesn't impact speech or functionality.

Easy to clean. Brush and floss regularly.

single implant

Within a week

Computer-Aided 3D Technology Based Dental Implants in Ormond

Our amazing dentists at Ormond Dental are well-versed in using the latest computer-based technologies for dental implants. Our dentists perform a 3D cone-beam scan to perform implant surgeries virtually. Our dentist performs a virtual and simulated procedure by placing a 3D scan over the patient's mouth before performing the actual surgery. A computerized surgical guide is designed from the simulation to aid in the dental implants' exact placement. A virtual trial surgery enables our dentist to execute a perfect implant placement. Computer-aided surgeries are more accurate and precise compared to free-hand ones. They are accommodating when the patient's mouth has very few landmarks to guide the surgery.

What is the Cost of Dental Implants in Ormond?

Dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth. Depending on the number of teeth that are missing and the condition of your gums the cost of getting dental implants may be approximately starts from $4.5K to $7.5K. We will help you understand the cost during your consultation session with our

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