Sedation Dentistry Makes Dental Visits Comfortable For All Age Groups

We look forward to having beautiful white teeth but hesitate to visit the dentist. Dental anxiety is common, and people of any age can be affected by it. Sleep dentistry is a way to overcome the fear and anxiety one faces when visiting a dentist. It allows the patient to remain calm and comfortable while the dentist treats them for their dental problem.

At Ormond Dental, we offer dental treatments with sleep dentistry to patients who find dental visits worrying or stressful. Book a consultation session with us to learn more.

How Does Sleep Dentistry/Sedation Dentistry Work?

Sleep dentistry is also referred to as sedation dentistry. Medication to help patients relax or stay comfortable during dental treatment procedures is known as sleep dentistry. There are different ways in which sleep dentistry is administered to the patients, keeping in mind their condition and their preferences.

How Much Does Sleep Dentistry Cost in Ormond?

Sleep dentistry costs in Ormond start from $350 in the first hour, with half-hour increments of $180 every hour for the facility fee. For procedures that take more than 3 hours, we charge a maximum facility fee of $1199. The total cost is capped at $5999

The cost of sleep dentistry depends mainly on three factors:


The choice of sedation


The type of dental treatment


The duration of the treatment

Is sleep dentistry safe?

Ormond Dental is equipped with skilled and experienced anaesthesiologists responsible for administering general anaesthesia. Before determining the appropriate anaesthesia for a patient, a thorough examination of their medical history is conducted. Our anaesthesiologists inquire about allergies and lifestyle factors to gain insight into the patient’s health before proceeding with any treatment. This information guides us in selecting the suitable method and type of sedation for the individual’s treatment.

At Ormond Dental , we also offer interesting payment plans that let you get your treatment done now while you pay us back later in easy instalments. You don’t have to compromise when it comes to oral health and your smile. We will assist you in every way to ensure that you get your oral problems treated.

Who Can Choose to be Treated With Sleep Dentistry?

Individuals with a fear of visiting the dentist, pain from treatment, the noise of instruments, the sight of dental clinic surroundings, etc., are ones with dental anxiety. Sleep dentistry can help them undergo the treatment without experiencing any fears.
Individuals who have had bad dental experiences in the past. Sleep dentistry can help them forget about the procedure and any pain involved.
Patients who have a low tolerance for pain can opt for sleep dentistry.
Local anaesthesia doesn’t seem to work for certain patients. General anaesthesia can be helpful for such patients.
People with a small mouths have difficulty keeping it open for a long time. Sleep dentistry can help overcome discomfort and pain when undergoing dental treatments.

Individuals suffering from general stress and anxiety orders or those with special needs can use sleep dentistry for treatment.

Different Forms of Sleep Dentistry and Which One is Right for You

There are different types of sedation methods that we use at Ormond Dentist. The type of sedation is decided after considering various factors, including – the medical history of the patient, duration of the treatment, type of treatment, and the level of anxiety a patient has. Some types of sedation in sleep dentistry include:

Intravenous (IV) Sedation

In this method, a sedative is administered through the vein. It is commonly used for minor dental surgeries or less complex dental treatments. IV sedation tends to put you in a sleep-like condition, and you feel relaxed. You have little or no memories of the treatment.

Anti-anxiety medication or Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is one of the most common forms of sedation or sleep dentistry. Most patients prefer using this method for sedation. Our dentist prescribes oral pills before your treatment. The type of drug, dosage, and time of taking the drug are decided and explained by our experts after your treatment is finalised. These drugs help in relaxing, and several patients are given oral sedatives in combination with other sedation methods mentioned above if the treatment is required. Most patients sleep through their treatment and may not remember the process.

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